Recruitment, we believe, is a process that involves engaging recruiters, building long-lasting relations and bringing together prospective recruiters and students to a platform where they can negotiate. The principal body entrusted with the responsibility of managing and conducting the campus recruitment process in GNLU is the Committee on Recruitment Affairs (CRA). The CRA comprises student, faculty and staff members. To facilitate the recruitment process, the CRA functions under the guidance of the Convener and the members.


Faculty Members

  • Dr. Nidhi Buch
  • Dr. Girish R.
  • Dr. Mobin Shaikh
  • Mr. Sushil Goswami

Staff Members

  • Ms. Nisha Trivedi
  • Mr. Sandip Parghi

CRA Student Members

It is in the penultimate year when the recruitment process begins and this continues till end of the final year. However, the section continues to aid the students who have already graduated from the University depending upon the requirements on the students and the recruiter. The main function of the CRA is to assist in the recruitment process. It facilitates the students and the recruiters year round, on a rolling basis for on-campus as well as off-campus recruitment. Apart from managing the recruitment process, the CRA has, in the past, organised lectures by alumni and experts from different industries, so as to give the students of GNLU an insight into the professional world of which they will be a part in the future.

To provide these students with appropriate internship and recruitment opportunities where they can hone as well as discover their talents and pursue their interest, the Internship and Placement Section (IPS) continues to work ceaselessly and selflessly, towards achieving these goals

Having successfully completed the recruitment process for earlier batches, it has been resolved that the recruitment process for the current outgoing batch of student from Gujarat National Law University will be on a rolling basis. It is pertinent to note that the recruitment programme has been structured into several stages that include pre-placement talks, pre-interview screening process, interviews and final placements.