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Started in the year 2009 with an aim to promote, train and provide a platform for the promotion of a debating culture among the students of GNLU, the Debating Society is one of the most active clubs at GNLU. The Society regularly conducts orientation sessions, which introduce the students of GNLU to different forms of debating, primarily the Parliamentary form of debate. The Society consists of around 40 students who are selected annually, and are provided with specialized training and logistical support

The Society meets regularly and conducts debates on varied range of topics inculcating not only the art of speaking but also instilling a culture of healthy discussion. The society conducts sessions in primarily two forms of debating, the Asian Parliamentary style and the British Parliamentary style. Students debate on various issues ranging from culture, history, politics, current affairs, law, sports and music. The gamut of topics discussed further engages students in reading more and being well-informed. One of the primary functions of the society is to conduct debate windows, which serve as the platform for selection of students who will represent the University in various tournaments held in India and abroad.

The culmination of the efforts of the DebSoc and the students themselves has seen GNLU debaters doing exceedingly well in several tournaments across the country, such as the RV College of Engineering Debating Tournament, The Stella Maris Debating tournament, The Christ University Debate, the DA-IICT Debate and the IIT Bombay IV to name a few. The Society has, further, launched a debating league, to encourage debating through an intra-level tournament within members of the debating society as well. The Society is also responsible for the organization of the University's international British Parliamentary Debating tournament, ‘The GNLU Debate’.

The GNLU Debate

The GNLU Debate is the annual British Parliamentary Debate Tournament organized by the Debating Society of the University. The very first edition of the debate in 2013 witnessed remarkable participation from over thirty universities across the country which was previously unheard of for any inter-varsity inaugural debate. It was almost instantaneously recognized for its quality of debate and adjudication, hospitality, punctuality and reach. The GNLU Debate offers its participants an outstanding chance to develop skills and confidence in public speaking, thoughtful argumentation and analytical problem solving, and is not restricted to current university students in lieu of being an open tournament.

The Debating Society has strived to ensure that the quality of the Debate is progressively better with each edition. It boasts of exceptional core adjudicator teams in its previous editions. Since its inception, The GNLU Debate has broadened its scope by attracting pan-Indian as well as international participation. Recognised international debating icon were a part of the adjudication core during the second edition and the tournament received international participation in its third edition, only increasing the competency and competitiveness of the tournament.

The Fifth edition of The GNLU Debate is scheduled to be held from 25 August to 27 August, 2017. With the introduction of subsidized adjudication, and an adjudication core consisting of a brilliant pool of debaters from India and abroad, the tournament expects a footfall of over three hundred people and promises to surpass its previous editions and set a high standard for other university debates as well.

The Debating Society of GNLU is looking forward to your participation in 'The GNLU Debate 2017'. For further information, kindly feel free to contact us at

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