Prevention of Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment is a serious offence and results in the violation of fundamental rights to equality, liberty and life of a person.

Sexual harassment includes any unwanted conduct of sexual undertones which demeans, humiliates or creates a hostile and intimidating environment. Such conduct can be physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of sexual nature or any other act which amounts to harassment on the grounds of sex. It may be a single instance or persistent conduct.

This categorically includes physical contact, demands or requests for sexual favours, sending undesirable sexually coloured oral or written messages, text, email, or any such messages by electronic, manual or other means, stalking and other acts of such nature.

The 'Prevention of Sexual Harassment at The Gujarat National Law University, Redressal of Complaints Regulations inclusively define sexual harassment and provide for the constitution of an Internal Committee [IC] to address complaints of sexual harassment.

  • The IC is duty-bound to maintain confidentiality and conduct proceedings, respecting sensitivities of participants while bringing a resolution to the matter within stipulated timelines.
  • Any person subjected to sexual harassment within the University can file a complaint with the IC. You may file it in the format given in Annexure A of the Regulations, or you may seek assistance from the IC members in filing the same.
  • GNLU abides by a gender-neutral sexual harassment policy. Any person, including but not limited to students and employees of the University, who is subjected to sexual harassment within the University may file a complaint with the IC.

GNLU aims to promote and provide a safe environment, by creating an effective redressal mechanism against sexual harassment.

We affirm our zero-tolerance policy towards sexual harassment.

The format for filing the complaint is given in Annexure A of the Regulations. You may file your complaint and email the same to

Anyone who experiences or witnesses comments/conduct that may amount to sexual harassment, even if directed at another person, may avail campus counselling services to seek advice or information.

Sr. No. Name Designation
1. Prof. (Dr.) Mamata Biswal Presiding Officer/Chairperson
2. Dr. Avinash Bhagi Member
3. Dr. Harsha Rajwanshi Member
4. Dr. Niyati Pandey Member
5. Ms. Manisha Dave Member
6. Ms. Rupalben Mehta External Member
7. Ms. Kale Sanskruti Madhukar Student Member
8. Ms. Acharaj Kaur Tuteja Student Member
9. Ms. Zoya Zahed Student Member
10. Ms. Reena S Member Secretary