PG Diploma in Medical Law, Policy and Ethics

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PG Diploma Course in Medical Law, Policy and Ethics (PGDMLPE)
jointly offered by Gujarat National Law University (GNLU)
and Indian Medical Association-Gujarat State Branch (IMA-GSB)

Duration of the Programme: One Year (Two Semesters: January -December)

Total Credit to be offered: 26 Credits

About the Programme:

Medical Law is a scientific field that concerns the rights and duties of Medical Professionals as well as patients. The role of Medical Professional in the modern world has changed to a service provider than a saviour and this role is associated with many liabilities. Detailed knowledge on legislations governing varied aspects of Medical Practice is inevitable for the Medical Professionals. In majority of the developed nations, Medical Law has gained the status of a separate discipline, studied with the cooperation of Law schools and Medical schools.

The knowledge of Medical Laws will enable the Medical Practitioners to develop critical thinking about legal, ethical and professional issues and also to take decisions which are professionally, ethically and legally justifiable.

In this era of globalization and the increasing challenges encountered due to health emergencies, it becomes essential for medical professionals to understand the stand of international law and domestic law in ensuring healthcare to public.

The programme will offer the opportunity to study the contemporary legal and ethical challenges faced by those working in the healthcare sector. The course aims to acquaint the medical practitioners with the evolving issues such as assisted reproduction, abortion, genetics, mental health, standards of medical treatment, transplantation medicine, euthanasia health research, advanced directives/decisions, and the allocation of scarce resources.

About IMA-GSB:

Indian Medical Association Gujarat State Branch (IMA GSB) was established in the year 1945. IMA GSB is a professional organization representing allopathy doctors across the state of Gujarat having more than 33620 registered members. These members are spread throughout the state and represent more than 113 local branches in Gujarat.

Since its inception, IMA GSB is involved in various health related projects and activities in association with Govt. of India, the State Government and with the International Health Agencies like World Health Organization, UNICEF etc. The main activity of Indian Medical Association, Gujarat State Branch is to organize scientific programs (CME) for members of the association. The primary aim is to update its members with recent advances in the field of Modern Medicine.

IMA GSB is actively involved in implementation of National as well as State Health programs proposed by different State Governments. The association is primarily active in bridging the divide between the layman and its members. Hence as a part of its commitment to society, IMA GSB organizes various medical and health check-up camps in different rural areas of Gujarat under 'Aao Gaon Chale Program'.

IMA GSB is also earnestly involved during natural and man-made calamities and has always lent a helping hand – financially and otherwise for the upliftment and care of distressed individuals through its IMA Community Relief Fund. A few examples include the donations given to the bereaved families of soldiers martyred during terrorist attacks, the recent Morbi bridge disaster, etc.

IMA GSB has taken upon itself to run many Urban Health Centers (UHCs) in different cities with the help of State Government and Local Municipal Corporation for better treatment and guidance to the patients. To keep its members updated about its activities, events and research presentations, IMA GSB regularly publishes a monthly IMA News Bulletin & the much in demand Gujarat Medical Journal twice a year.

It goes without saying that IMA GSB is ardently pursuing all activities related to medicine in the state of Gujarat and provides the best of support, help and advice to all its members through an all-encompassing module of schemes and projects.

Whereas, both the parties Viz. Gujarat National Law University and the Indian Medical Association, Gujarat State Branch have had consensus on the point that it is important to have a collaboration in the current context to promote knowledge sharing and research in to the interdisciplinary areas of Medicine, Law, Policy and Ethics and benefit each other. Therefore, both the parties have agreed to enter in to a MoU for working in cooperation and for using their respective expertise, knowledge and resources for mutual benefit.


The broad objective of offering this course is to spread awareness of various legal aspects involving the medical profession and its practice.

  • To acquaint the medical professionals and the students of medicine and public healthcare with the legal frameworks on health and medicine.
  • To study the healthcare reforms in India and the role played by International Law, Indian Judiciary and Legislature in recognising health as a Fundamental Right.
  • To sensitize the medical practitioners on their rights and legal duties towards the patients and the public in general.
  • To study the legal issues involving the medical profession and how the law can be used as a tool to resolve such problems.
  • To understand the contemporary issues and challenges involving Public Health, Medicine and Law in India.
Course Learning Outcomes:

Upon successful completion of this course, the learners will be able to;

  • Appreciate and understand the legal framework surrounding medical education and Profession.
  • Appreciate the legal and ethical provisions involving the Medical Profession including Biomedical research.
  • Understanding on rights and duties of a medical practitioner initially as a citizen of India and as a medical professional. Further appreciate how some legal issues and situations arising out of negligence, malpractices and unethical practices are dealt with by the Indian Legal System.
  • Understanding on the need and significance of protection of Intellectual Properties under various legal frameworks.
Eligibility for Admission:

Mandatory Requirements:

  • The candidate applying for this course should have completed the MBBS degree from any recognized national or foreign university.
  • The candidate should have registered with the National Medical Commission/Medical Council of India.

Desirable Requirements:

  • Membership of the Indian Medical Association (Preference shall be given to the candidates registered with the IMA-Gujarat State Branch).
  • A minimum of 2 years of work experience.

Number of Seats: 60

Teaching Pedagogy:
  • The duration of the course is 1 year. The course is offered from January to December every year.
  • Regular Classes will be conducted on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays).
  • Mode of the class will be Blended (both online and offline classes will be conducted).
  • Examination will be conducted offline at Gujarat National Law University campus.
  • Teaching Pedagogy: Lecture method, Class discussions, Flipped classroom, Collaborative learning, Real-world Case Studies, Problem-Solving, Case Discussions and Audio-visuals (Documentaries).
  • Internal Evaluation: Class Test/Project/Assignments/Group Discussions (350 Marks)
  • Final Examination: Written Examination of 350 Marks (7 subjects*50 Marks Each)
  • Case Study: Submission +Presentation (100 Marks)
  • Total: 800 Marks
  • The fee for this One Year (Two Semesters) PG Diploma Programme is Rs. 30,000/-
  • Payment link shall be shared with the selected candidates through email.
Programme Structure:
Compulsory Courses-Semester I (24 Credits)
Subject Code Description Credit
PGDMLPE-101 Introduction to the Indian Legal System 3
PGDMLPE-102 Healthcare Law and Policy I 4
PGDMLPE-103 Doctor-Patient Relation: Issues and Concerns 4
PGDMLPE-104 Case Study/Dissertation 10
PGDMLPE 105-107 Elective Course for Semester I to be chosen from the list given below:
1. Forensic Medicine and Law
2. Indian Judiciary on Medico-legal Issues
3. Disability Law and Policy
Total Credits 24
Compulsory Courses-Semester II (21 Credits)
PGDMLPE-201 Healthcare Law and Policy II 4
PGDMLPE-202 Medical Law and Ethics: Emerging Issues and Concerns 4
PGDMLPE-204-206 Elective Course for Semester II to be chosen from the list given below:
1. e-Health and Law
2. Patenting of Drugs and Access to Medicine
3. Law and Ethics relating to Biomedical Research
PGDMLPE-104 Case Study and Report Submission 10
Total Credits 21
Total Credits (Semester I and Semester II) = 24 + 21 = 45 Credits
Elective Courses:
Sr. No Elective Paper for Semester I Credit
PGDMLPE-105 Forensic Medicine and Law 3
PGDMLPE-106 Indian Judiciary on Medico-legal Issues 3
PGDMLPE-107 Disability, Law and Policy 3
Sr. No Elective Paper for Semester II Credit
PGDMLPE-204 e-Health and Law 3
PGDMLPE-205 Patenting of Drugs and Access to Medicine 3
PGDMLPE-206 Law and Ethics relating to Biomedical Research 3
Admission Procedure:
  • Applicants are required to read the details including eligibility Criteria mentioned in the brochure on the PG Diploma in Medical Law, Policy and Ethics webpage.
  • The Online Application Form will be active from 1st October 2024.
  • The last date of Application is 20th November 2024.
  • Link for Enrollment: The link will be active from 1st October till 20th November 2024.
  • Step 1: Click on the Enrollment Form Link given under the Enrollment Form and Brochure heading
  • Step 2: Click on the New Enquiry Link
  • Step 3: Select Stream: Post Graduate Courses
  • Step 4: Select Preference: PG Diploma in Medical Law, Policy and Ethics
  • Step 5: Fill the required details and upload the enclosures and click the save button
  • Step 6: After submitting the Enrollment Form take note of the Enquiry Number
  • Step 7: Click on the Payment Link after submitting the Enrollment Form
  • A recent coloured passport-size photograph
  • Any government-issued ID proof
  • Proof of all educational qualifications (UG/PG/super speciality etc.)
  • Proof of MCI/NMC Registration (MCI/NMC Certificate)
  • Proof of IMA membership (if applicable)
Enrollment Form and Brochure:
Contact Us:
  • For further details, kindly refer to the program brochure. For any queries kindly email

Dr. Bindu Vijay

Assistant Professor of Science & Technology

Coordinator for PG Diploma in Medical Law, Policy and Ethics

Email id:

Dr. Dhanya.S

Assistant Professor of Law

Coordinator for PG Diploma in Medical Law, Policy and Ethics

Email id:

Contact Number: +91-8128355338

Ms. Vidisha Joshi

Teaching and Research Associate (Law)

Co-coordinator for PG Diploma in Medical Law, Policy and Ethics

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