GNLU Digital Media Team

GNLU Digital Media (GDM) is a separately incorporated affiliate of Gujarat National Law University. It is the only platform covering all the activities of the university. The affiliation with the University gives GDM the insider’s point of view; yet its editorial independence means that it covers the University and its entities with objectivity and integrity.

We, at GDM, are responsible for providing coverage to all the flagship events in the areas of Cultural, Academic, Sport or Entertainment organized by the university and put them forward, on a common and wider platform. For the purpose of swift and efficient management, the Committee is divided into three sub-wings, namely the Multimedia Wing, the Social Media Wing and the Content Creation Wing.

As a part of our outreach efforts, we also regularly conduct video interviews with our alumni under the CONNECT initiative whereby they share their experiences and knowledge with the students. We also conduct interviews of eminent Resource Persons who visit the campus and publish them on various online platforms for mass access.

We are also responsible for ensuring the online presence of the University on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube etc. Thus, all in all, our efforts at GNLU Digital Media aim to portray the University as a true Global Brand. The committee strives to provide forth a platform for media coverage of events in their entirety. It takes into consideration the work done by all other university committees and strives to work with them to provide the students, faculty, alumni and others, a multidimensional view of the social and cultural life at Gujarat National Law University.

  • Committee Convenor - (Mr) Ashok Shah
  • Committee Member - (Mr) Santosh Thakur
  • Student Convenor - (Mr) Kartik Agarwal
  • Student Co-Convenors - (Mr) Hemandu Aswal, Vaibhav Kaul
  • General Secretary - (Mr) Maitreyee Das

  • Jamshed Kavina (Mentor)
  • Mainak Pal (Mentor)
  • Anushka Mandal
  • Prateek Gujjar
  • Vedant Sumant
  • Urja Bhayani
  • Jitendra Choudhary
  • Harshil Vijayvargiya
  • Nalin Malhotra
  • Naman Devpura
  • Akash Jegan
  • Vasu Jain (Wing Head)
  • Akhila Anand
  • Aman Chandola
  • Devanshi Dalal
  • Yashi Saraswat
  • Shefali Mehta (Wing Head)
  • Shubhangi Singh

  • Abhay Tyagi
  • Bhumika Nayak
  • Dakshina Hazarika
  • Deepak Banskova
  • Mainak Pal
  • Maitreyee Das
  • Malav Shah
  • Moomal Singh
  • Nikhil Agarwal
  • Samidha Mathur
  • Shweta Bhattacharya
  • Soubhagya Ranjan Swain
  • Tanima Narang
  • Trisha Biswas
  • Vipra Sankhla