Internship Programme In GNLU

The purpose of the internship program is to provide a planned transition from the University curriculum to a personal and professional setting in a student's area of interest. During the internship experience, the student will test the practical application of the theories of academic learning in the professional setting under the guidance and supervision of both a professional staff member and a university faculty advisor. As a part of the internship experience, the student will be evaluated on his/her work attributes and contributions in the assigned work or community setting. The student will have the opportunity to continually interact with the staff in the setting and periodically with the faculty in assessing his/her skills, accomplishments, and professional growth.

The IPS provides the students with internship opportunities twice in an academic year, once each during the months of November-December and May-June that mark the culmination of the semester. During this period of internship, students are required to conduct legal research, draft pleadings, briefs, opinions or other legal documents as required by the host. Internships may also involve interviewing witnesses, assisting Lawyers or judges in court, and observing court Proceedings.

The Objective of the Winter Internship Programme

  • It helps the students gain first-hand experience of a particular place of work.
  • It assists students in being more receptive to market needs, and in deciding their area of specialization in in future.
  • It assists students in developing professional skills and a broader understanding of the legal profession and legal processes.
  • It enhances students' learning of a particular area of law.
  • It enables students to participate more effectively in law school classes because of the real world experience they bring back to the classroom.
  • It makes students aware of career alternatives.

Another important facet of Internship is the flow of information about the place of Internship. The project work and related experiences of the Intern eventually get communicated to the entire batch of students through informal, as well as formal means. This gives the lawyers/ firms/ companies/ PSUs/ LPOs/ Banks, an opportunity to create goodwill among students and everyone associated with the University. They can also identify potential students for their prospective recruitments. The University has always enjoyed extensive support from the Legal profession, with the result that Winter Internships have been diverse, challenging and intense learning experiences.

Classification of Internships on Periodical Basis

In order to achieve the above mentioned objectives and satisfy Academic Programme requirements, GNLU has categorized its Internship Programme on following basis:

Schedule First Year Non-Government Organizations
Second Year Trial Court/ Tribunals/ other lower courts etc.
Third Year High Court/Supreme Court/Law Firms/Corporate House
Fourth Year High Court/Supreme Court/Law Firms/Corporate House
Fifth Year High Court/Supreme Court/Law Firms/Corporate House
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