GNLU Litigation Assistance and Support Scheme (GLASS)

The aim of the GNLU Litigation Assistance & Support Scheme (GLASS) is to incentivize and support brilliant students who opt to join the Bar despite other lucrative career opportunities. Gujarat National Law University strives to provide a head-start to such aspirants along with contributing quality advocates to the Bar and to the Society.

In order to incentivise greater number of students with exemplary academic and extracurricular records and a demonstrable interest in litigation, GNLU will provide assistance to graduating students who demonstrate potential to be an asset to bar and society.

GLASS commenced with the class of 2015. Five meritorious students were selected after rigorous procedure and the financial assistance of 7500/- was paid to them for a period of one year. This scheme is hugely appreciated by practitioners as well as parents. With class 2016, GLASS offered Rs.15,000/- per month to selected 10 students and with class 2017, GLASS financial assistance of Rs.15,000/- per month offered to 15 selected students. Thus, we were successful in not only enhancing the number of recipients but also the monthly financial assistance from 7500/- to 15000/-.

GLASS Recipients 2022-23

Akshra V

Devarsh Pandya

Hemanth Kumar Alluri

Madhav Aggarwal

Mantika Vohra

Parth Soni

Pradhyuman Singh

Stephanie Sharon

Vedant Avadhoot Sumant

Venkatesh Joshi

GLASS Recipients 2021-22

Aakriti Singh

Abhishek Anand

Devansh Mittal

Jogendra Singh


Ojaswa Pathak

Prasad Hegde

Prateek Srivastava

Shweta Kurrey

Subhadip Chaudhari

GLASS Recipients 2020-21

Darshankumar Kabra

Harsh Andani

Mandeep Singh

Manish Raj Bansal

Pritul Nagori

Priya Kumari

Shivani Bhardwaj

Shravan Pandey

Sourav Yati

Yash Malviya

GLASS Recipients 2018-19

Aalay Shah

Ambrish Tewari

Bhanu Bajpai

Malay Dange

Nisshant Laroia

Rahul Singh Meena

Sunit Kumar Mondal

Vinod Panwar

Vismay Malkan

GLASS Recipients 2017-18

Karthik Sundar

Sankeerth Vittal

Kathan Gandhi

Keith Varghese

Luv Shah


Mayuri Gupta

Nemil Shah

Vishwa Bhatt


Kurien Philip

Pallavi Kumari

Prabhansu Gupta

Rakshitha V. N.

Samarth Amin

Shrey Pratap Singh


Sneha Arya

Sujoy Sur

Suresh Kumar Dotania

GLASS Recipients 2016-17

Anuj Tiwari


Kapil Gupta

Keith Varghese

Kurien Philip

Nishant Patel


Samta Godiwala


Vishwa Bhatt

GLASS Recipients 2015-16

Garv Malhotra

Prince Mishra

Saksham Marwah

Sushal Tiwari

Tirth Bhatt

Testimonials from GLASS Recipients

Glass Recipients 2018-2019

"Ambrish Tiwari. (UG 2013-2018)"

The sheer level of struggle in litigation especially relating to meagre remuneration at the beginning makes it enormously difficult for new and young lawyers like me to take it up without having a second thought or worked in a firm for 2-3 years for required financial backup. GLASS has actually been a blessing which actually allowed me to pursue my passion for litigation without any second thought as there was a sense of security and I was able to put in my all without having to worry as much as other newcomers do! Thank you, Director sir, Recruitment committee and my alma mater as a whole for caring for me and thereby, giving a big boost to my pursuance of litigation!

"Nisshant Laroria. (UG 2013-2018)"

The GLASS Scholarship is a great initiative by the Gujarat National Law University. It supports the recipients to pursue litigation without having the pressure of income on their head. There are many practitioners who I came across, wanting to be a litigating lawyer but due to financial limitations ended up in a different setup. This only impacts the profession as those passionate about litigation, are not able to take it up early on in their career. I hope that other Institutions take cue from the initiative and support young lawyers to follow their Goal of being a litigator.

"Bhanu Bajpai. (UG 2013-2018)"

At the very inception of my five-year graduation period, I’d chosen the path for my career and it happened to be litigation practice. Like all resolutions, it was difficult to stand true to it and the force of motivation continued to ebb and flow with time. However, the GLASS scholarship helped me to waive off the indecision and allowed me to steer towards my destination.

"Malay Dange. (UG 2013-2018)"

I believe that the GLASS initiative by GNLU has the potential to be a life changing phenomena, as it has enabled me to work in the initial phase of my career without looking much into the monetary aspects of everyday life which plague other fresh practicing lawyers.

"Rahul Singh Meena. (UG 2013-2018)"

"The gratitude I feel for being selected as a GLASS scholar and being a recipient of this thoughtful and noble scholarship programme cannot be expressed in words. The worries and difficulties one faces in the initial days of joining and working in the field of litigation are gone. It motivated me to work with more dedication and concentration rather than worrying about the expenses. I commend GNLU on the success of the programme. Thank you for the support and inspiration."

"Sunit Kumar Mondal. (UG 2013-2018)"

"GLASS" is a one of a kind initiative which was started by our seniors and further carried on financially by the Senior Members of the Gujarat High Court Bar Association to support young practitioners entering the bar. Although due to the administrative lacunae the said initiative was not executed in the manner it was planned initially accounting to the untimely payment of the installments which has gone to the extent of issuing installment a month after submission of work report for the previous month. Greater transparency is the need of the hour along with the assigning of a designated faculty member to the disbursal of the installments who is pro-active in approach as an installment received in an untimely manner is as good as not receiving it at all.

"Vinod Panwar. (UG 2013-2018)"

"Initial days of litigation hard for fresher due to less or unpaid mostly. GLASS gave me financial support to build my career in litigation. It is a wonderful programme which helps to start a life in litigation."

"Parv Gupta. (UG 2013-2018)"

As a litigant, I highly value this form generosity in my initial years of struggle at the bar. I wish to express my deepest sense of gratitude to the University for having chosen me for this scholarship.

"Aalay Shah (UG 2013-2018)"

Being a first generation lawyer, it is a universally known fact that establishing oneself in the field of law successfully takes a lifetime and I too being a fresher just out of Law College having an immense passion for law was carrying the same ambition. The GLASS venture promoted by GNLU so as to provide young lawyers like us a push to excel and work harder has been a blessing in disguise. Being successful in the field of litigation is just like nurturing a seed to grow into a fully grown tree and GNLU has metaphorically provided me with that nourishment and support. I am immensely thankful to every single person involved in coming out and operating this venture of GLASS and I further thank GNLU and recruitment committee for its honest and undemanding support.

"Vismay Malkan. (PG 2017-2018)"

"Most of the students join law by looking up to legal luminaries. However, knowing about the struggles in starting years of litigation it becomes very difficult for the final year students to pursue the dream against lucrative corporate offers. I am honoured to receive GLASS 2018-19. GLASS has motivated and helped me to pursue my dream of becoming a great lawyer."

Glass Recipients 2017-2018

"Karthik Sundar (UG 2012-2017)"

At the outset, I would like to thank the administration and alumni of my alma-mater, for successfully chalking out a plan to provide monetary assistance to us freshly graduated members at the bar, so as to enable us to chase our dreams and work towards practicing law in courts across the country. This unique scholarship that is offered to students in our university, is unheard of amongst other law schools in India, and has set an example for other administrations to follow. The idea that students should not sacrifice their dreams of litigating in courts on account of money, is extremely commendable, and I am sure that it will invigorate a greater number of students to pursue litigation after graduating from our university. I would also like to thank, Late Mr. P.P. Rao, Senior Advocate, and Mr. K.K. Venugopal, Attorney General for India, amongst other eminent solicitors and counsels, for generously contributing to the said fund, of which we have been beneficiaries. I shall be eternally grateful for the platform and assistance provided to me, and I would be more than happy to help out my alumni in the future in any manner possible.

"Prabhanshu Gupta (UG 2012-2017)"

GLASS is great scholarship for people who want to pursue their career in litigatiton.

"Luv Shah (UG 2012-2017)"

The GNLU Litigation Assistance & Support Scheme has been a great help to me in my first year of litigation in the Gujarat High Court. It has been a support that any budding litigator would be grateful for. I am honored and grateful to have been considered for this program.

"Sujoy Sur (UG 2012-2017)"

GLASS was of great help to someone like me, who wanted to litigate in Delhi, away from home, and who otherwise would not have survived only on the stipend given by the senior. It takes off a lot of burden of one's shoulder when one is assured that they can 'risk' litigating by themselves when monetary assistance is a given. I am thankful to GNLU and GLASS for all the help.

"Shrey Pratap Singh (UG 2012-2017)"

"GLASS has helped me paving a way to a stable career in law without facing much hurdles as any other advocate would face at the start of his career."

"Kanthan Ghandhi (UG 2012-2017)"

"GLASS is a welcome initiative to support students who have a passion for litigation. It will help them sustain in the hostile environment right after college."

"Samarth Amin (PG 2016-2017)"

"The scholarship given to me, gave me a good boost and encouraged my career in the filed of litigation. Monetary income is one of the essential need of everyone and in the initial stage of litigation, getting scholarship from GLASS gave me a great confidence to start my career."

"Nemil Shah (PG 2016-2017)"

"GLASS Scholarship Program is great initiative. Because financial support to young advocates in their beginning of litigation career is a great source of confidence and support. Thank you for encouraging us!."

"Mayuri Gupta (PG 2016-2017)"

"The GNLU Litigation Assistance & Support Scheme (GLASS) has encouraged many first generation lawyers like me to join the Bar and opt for litigation as a career. This initiative by GNLU is making a significant contribution to the society. I thank GNLU for initiating this program and selecting me as one of the recipients of GLASS 2017."

"Pallavi Kumari (PG 2016-2017)"

"Glass scholarship is a great support in my early days of litigation. I am very obliged to be chosen as a Glass Scholarship holder. I am very grateful and thankful to all those who have supported me through Glass Scholarship. I whole heartedly thank Late Senior Advocate P.P. Rao and Shri K.K.Venu Venugopal for supporting and encouraging us to opt litigation and for making our lives easier by providing support financially, which is one of the crucial part of our existence in metropolitan cities. I also thank our director DR. BN Patel and the whole team of Glass. I also thank my parents, teachers and my friends for giving regular support."

"Suresh Kumar Dotania (PG 2016-2017)"

"Taking into account the hardships and low incentive in litigation I feel that the GNLU Litigation and Assistance Scheme has provided a kick start to my career in Litigation. I am very grateful for the same."

"Ritoban Sarkar (UG 2011-2016)"

"The biggest challenge in Litigation is survival. Especially starting at High Court of Calcutta is extremely difficult considering the fact that juniors here don’t get paid a single penny. This is also probably the biggest reason why I was apprehensive from joining the bar after law school. But an initiative like GLASS has been a major boost which has not only encouraged me to pursue litigation but also fight the test of survival."

"Vishwa Bhatt (UG 2011-2016)"

"'GLASS', GNLU Litigation Assistance and Support Scholarship, has lived to the true sense of its words. It is not just about monitory assistance that it provides but it also provides huge motivation to take up litigation as a career despite of the struggle involved in the field. The sense of independence that gets inculcated due to such support is immensely helpful in building a budding lawyer's confidence. GNLU has acted not less than a parent supporting its child in the initial struggle of his/her career. GLASS is truly a noble endeavor and I am grateful to my University for such unique policies for its students."

"Kurien Philip (UG 2011-2016)"

"As a law student aspiring to join the practice of law, the one thing that always worried me was the financial difficulties of a litigating lawyer in the initial years. That has been taken care of through this initiative by GNLU. GLASS has been a major boost in my career and am sure that it will motivate even more students to take up the practice of law."

"Nishant Patel (UG 2011-2016)"

"At the very outset, I would like to express my gratitude to the University and our esteemed Director Sir for undertaking this project and initiating this litigation assistance scheme. It can be said that Judicial Notice can be taken of the fact that the dearth of finding decent remuneration in the field of litigation is a major reason behind students not opting for Litigation. This litigation assistance scheme has immensely aided me in opting for litigation and helping me concentrate upon working hard rather than pondering upon the fact as to where the next pay day is going to come from. The monthly sum received from GLASS has helped me in paying for my travel and other ancillary day to day expenses. GLASS is one of the main reasons because of which I can proudly say that I have been independent from the day of starting of my employment and did not have to depend on my parents for my expense. GLASS has been immensely helpful to me."

"Anuj Tiwari (UG 2011-2016)"

"My Parents have always encouraged and allowed me to follow my heart and do what gives me joy. I am the first generation lawyer in my family. I firmly believe that litigation was my first love and it remains so, and GLASS strengthen me financially through which I can smoothly work to achieve my goal. "The field of law is amazing to me, how with proper knowledge of penal codes and ethics, one can negotiate the legal system to accommodate people's individual needs, the chance to make a difference in people lives, the entire community is exciting to me. This is how I can make a difference. I am practicing law not for pre-conceived notion of prestige or status, but to ensure social justice is enforced, maintained or corrections made that influence the outcome for people in need of legal assistant." Furthermore, it was a great learning experience academically at eminent Gujarat National Law University and interact with law graduates from across the world. For this I would like to thanks GLASS programs, it's really very boosting to the beginner lawyer. And I also would like to thank to all staff of University for their constant support."

"Harsha (PG 2015-2016)"

"With a dream to be a practicing advocate in Delhi, managing my finances in the beginning was the biggest issue. The freshly pass out law graduates don't get paid much as it increases gradually. When I got selected for GLASS, it was the deciding factor for me to moving to an entire new city and start from the scratch. GLASS is helping me out every month and I couldn't thank GNLU enough for being this amazing and thoughtful way to help us out. Thank you."

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