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About Division

Taking forward the legacy, GNLU has taken an initiative since 2013 to bridge the gap between academia and the profession. GNLU through its Extension Division has developed Online Diploma Programmes with its technology partner, Enhelion Knowledge Ventures Pvt Ltd.

GNLU has developed Online Diploma and Post-Graduate Diploma programmes in the subjects like, Advanced Entrepreneurship Management and Corporate Laws; Internet Law and Policy; Intellectual Property-Law and Management; Maritime Law, Sports Law and Post-Graduate Diploma Programmes in Contract Drafting and Legislative Drafting. The Diploma Programmes are spread over a duration of twelve months and are structured with an aim to familiarize students with basics and practical nuances.

Various senior academicians of GNLU and practicing professionals across the country have been contributing in developing the syllabus and its course contents.

Throughout the program, students are taught with the help of recorded online lectures, live online lectures, presentations and electronic content. All contents in each subject are accessible through learning management system for students.

A unique feature of this course is that, students are required to visit GNLU campus for a day where they can get an opportunity to interact with the faculty members personally. They are also awarded their Diploma Certificates on the very same day. Campus visits at the end of the course give the students a spirit of the alumni at GNLU.


  • To maximize the reach of legal knowledge.
  • To ensure inclusive education.
  • To facilitate imparting of best quality knowledge to students, irrespective of their age and distance.
  • To undertake activities that ensure realization of the short-term and long-term goals set by GNLU.

Vikas H. Gandhi

Dean, Extension Division and Associate Professor of Law

A Message from Dean,
Extension Division


I am pleased and extremely proud to serve as dean (extension division) of the Gujarat National Law University (GNLU). GNLU is one of the premier law Universities in India and to be entrusted with the deanship (extension division) of this university is an incredible honour.

The extension division provides an opportunity for online (Web-based) legal education and makes legal higher education accessible to all. The division has succeeded in eliminating barriers and borders and giving everyone the spirit to have access the legal higher education from the Gujarat National Law University (GNLU).

The university by following its mission of continuous legal education and valid concerned for the legal profession, offering diploma courses in various subjects of law through a digital platform (online). In legal arena, legal study promotes accuracy of the expression, facility in arguments, skill in interpreting the written words and precise understanding of social values. Today's lawyers, practicing in a legal field, are far more diverse than their predecessors. The workplace demands skills. Our flexible curriculum, live online lectures, deliberations, debates, online group discussions with our learned and excellent teachers (faculty members), webinars, even recorded lectures, online assignments submissions, online exams, and campus visits allows students to follow their interests and aspirations with minimal course requirements.

I am sure when you complete your online course and take your own place in profession, your enriched experience with GNLU will be there to support and strengthen you.

Make a wise choice.


  • Diploma Programme in Advanced Entrepreneurship Management and Corporate Laws (linked to the programme information)
  • Diploma in Internet Law and Policy (linked to the programme information)
  • Diploma in Intellectual Property: Law and Management (linked to the programme information)
  • Diploma in Maritime Law (linked to the programme information)
  • Diploma in Sports Law (linked to the programme information)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Contract Drafting (linked to the programme information)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Legislative Drafting (linked to the programme information)


  • Mr. Himank Ahuja- I pursued the diploma in Internet Law and Policy from Gujarat National Law University. My over-all experience of the course has been very productive for my career development. The flexibility that the diploma provided, helped me in studying at my own pace. The continuous online video lectures were extremely helpful as they gave the same understanding which you normally get when you attend a lecture. I have also recommended the course to people as I feel that everyone can benefit out of it. I have gained a lot of knowledge in the field of Internet Law and Policy through the respective course and it will be very advantageous for my career as well. Also, an added bonus was the big name like GNLU involved with it.
  • Mr. Saksham Bharadwaj- The course was really quite convenient and worthy. It had enlightened the dark areas of my mind in terms of Intellectual Property Rights. All the assistance rendered by the GNLU team was very helpful. The content of the course was very well uploaded on the online platform.
  • Ms. G. S. Simhanjana- The Online Diploma Course has been an eye- opener to a new subject. Intellectual Property Law though an important and interesting subject is not a compulsory subject in the curriculum in many universities. This Course helps us to explore the subject and kindles an interest in it for further study. The personal interaction as a requirement for completion of course enables one to visit the sprawling campus. The feather on the cap is Dr. Shobalata Udapudi's class that is inspiring, interesting and gives us a view of various aspects of the subject. I'd like to thank the founders of the Online Diploma Course for the wonderful opportunity.
  • Mr. Sidharth Arora- I received my certificate from GNLU for my online course in Advanced Entrepreneurship Management and Corporate Laws. I must hereby acknowledge, the phenomenal contributions for creating such courses for curious law students. I have personally, recommended your courses to most of my juniors. Thank you for all the help GNLU.

For more information on the course structures, kindly visit (link to the page with all the information on subject)

  • Members

    1. Dr. Vikas Gandhi- Dean(Extension), Convenor
    2. Dr. Fakkiresh Sakkarnaikar- Co-Convenor (Online Programs)
    3. Mr. Anant Deogaonkar- Member
    4. Ms. Hetvi Trivedi, Member
    5. Ms. Aparna Pandey- Member
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