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The GNLU Legal History Museum in collaboration with the Indira Gandhi National Center for the Arts, New Delhi and the Schomburg Center for the Research on Black Culture, New York Public Library, New York is hosting a travelling exhibition on "Africans In India : A Rediscovery". The exhibition will remain open up to the 08th of October 2015 to the public.

About the Exhibition:

Made of 53 panels, the exhibition retraces the lives and achievements of Africans who migrated to India several centuries ago and made India their home. Several of them rose to high positions in the military and some even went on to become rulers of princely states, especially in Gujarat. The most popular of the Africans tribes in India today are the Sidis.

The interaction between the African communities and India resulted in mutual influence, as may be seen in architecture, paintings and music. The exhibits presents a glimpse of the lives of Africans in India through photographic reproductions of paintings from private collections and museum.

Curated by well-known art historians, Dr. Sylviane A. Diouf and Dr. Kenneth X. Robbins, the exhibition portrays generals, commanders, admirals, prime ministers, and rulers, East Africans from Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia and adjoining areas who settled across different regions of India i.e. from Bengal in the east, to Gujarat in the west and to the Deccan in central India. These men and women, known as ‘Sidis’ and ‘Habshis’, vigorously asserted themselves in the country of their enslavement. Besides appearing in written documents, they have been immortalized in the rich paintings of different eras, states, and styles that form an important component of Indian culture. Because of their high positions, they were captured in vivid and exquisite portraits as principal subjects or in the immediate vicinity of non-African rulers. As rulers, city planners, and architects, the Africans left an impressive historical and architectural legacy that attest to their determination, skills, and intellectual, cultural, military and political savvy.

An International Travelling Exhibition on "THE ROERICH PACT: HISTORY AND MODERNITY" Inauguration on 6th January 2015 at GNLU.

The Indian Legal History Museum GNLU in collaboration with the International Centre of the Roerich’s, ICR, Russia an International Travelling Exhibition on "Roerich Pact: History and Modernity" will be inaugurated on 6th January 2015 by the Hon'ble Governor of Gujarat, Shri Om Prakash Kohli. The exhibition will remain open for one month to the public. For further details please contact Dr Indubala Nahakpam @

Pravasi Bharatiya Divas, 7th January 2015.

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International Conference on Best Practices: Medium and Small Scale Chemical Industry Disaster Management and Promotion of Safety and Security Legal and Regulatory Standards. 22nd and 23rd January, 2015

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