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The Centre for Law & Economics (CLE) is a centre of excellence for research and training in the discipline of Law & Economics (also referred to as the Economic Analysis of Law). Law & Economics is a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary field that applies tools from microeconomic theory to legal rules and structures so as to explain their functioning, evaluate their performance and prescribe alternative rules and structures so as the create optimum social outcomes. Law & Economics has seen prolific development in various jurisdictions and has elicited startling results that have changed the way we look at and run our legal systems, winning scholars a number of accolades, notably including the Nobel Prize in Economics. The Centre values rigorous work in the discipline and aims to promote awareness of and research in the field. It carries out courses and conferences for scholars, practitioners and students apart from publications on the economic analysis of contemporary legal issues. It aims to produce quality prescriptions for legislators, regulators and government departments and provide clear explanations and guidance to businesses and ordinary citizen alike.

The Centre has emerged out of the long-term work of various bodies within GNLU, including the Department of Economics and the erstwhile GNLU Law & Economics Committee (GLEC) and Centre for Food Security & Agro-Economics (CFSAE), both of which were integrated into CLE at its inception. For further information regarding the work carried out by GLEC and CFSAE.

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Centre for Law & Economics (CLE)

Centre for Food Security & Agro-Economics (CFSAE)

Last Updated: 18-01-2016