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Centre for Private International Law


Private international law is a developing dimension of contemporary legal study and practice. This dynamic and evolving field of study, classically known as ‘Conflict of laws’ has a direct relevance to the judges, legal practitioners and policy makers who work with in broad spectrum of international and transnational laws. Diversity and complexity which are the main characteristics of contemporary private international law often involve melding questions on exercise of domestic Jurisdiction, Choice of Law governing the foreign transactions and recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and decrees, which are distinctly decided by the domestic courts of law through application of different rules on substance and procedure.
The recent efforts in the international fora are evident where one witnesses the future development of transnational legal mechanism through advent of legal instruments which aims to modernize and harmonize laws to unify the diversified legal systems. The multi fractured legal systems poses challenges not only to the globalization where free movement of people, goods, services and trade is a norm but to the centric idea of justice, a touchstone to evaluate any law.

Vision and Mission

Embodying the principle to transform this field of study on Private international law in India, GNLU Centre for Private International Law has been established with the following objectives:
  • To advance the knowledge on Indian Private International Law through the dissemination of top quality research and publication
  • To contribute to the development of Indian Private International Law through advocating reforms in response to current challenges of globalization and building on the Center's tradition of excellence in private international law reform
  • To serve as a meeting point for periodic information exchange between members of academia, Judiciary, policy makers, legal practitioners and social groups etc. for the development of Private International Law in India.
  • To provide high quality teaching in the field of private international law at all levels
  • To contribute to collective research programs at both national and international levels.

Activities of the Centre:

  • LEGAL Research Repository: A resourceful hyperlinked compilation of Primary and Secondary Sources on Private International Law
  • Legal Umbrella: A Project for NRI Legal Issues
  • Events & Training Calendar: Events and Training Programmes launched throughout the year for Private International Law Teaching
  • Working Papers and Publications: An Open Access Model for dissemination of Knowledge on Private International Law
  • Publication envisioned in 2016: Yearbook on Private International Law

Centre Members:

  • Ms Harsha Rajwanshi
  • Ms Heena Goswami
  • Mr Soaham Bajpai
  • Ms Pratikalpa Sharma

Last Updated : 13-03-2018