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0712-17/1449/01: Certificate Course on "Comparative Taxation Law" to be held at GNLU from 8 January 2018 - 2 April 2018.
Certificate Course on "Comparative Taxation Law"
8 January 2018 – 2 April 2018
I am delighted to inform you about the upcoming Certificate Course on "Comparative Taxation Law" to be held at GNLU from 8 January 2018 - 2 April 2018.

The course provides learners with a working knowledge of the basic principles of income tax, capital gains tax and consumption taxes, to enable them to develop the competence and skills required to identify, analyze and resolve problems regarding these taxes in South Africa and India. The course further encourages a culture of Constitutionalism with the main aim of developing tax policies that are fair, equitable, neutral, and legal. In addition, the course provides learners with the skill and competencies to do inter-disciplinary comparative research in tax law. Learners are expected to evaluate critically the views expressed in judicial decisions and legal literature. This means taking cognizance of the comparative, historical, and analytical foundations of opinions expressed in prescribed study material.

The Resource Person for the same is Professor Stephanus van Zyl who is a Professor in Tax Law in the department of Mercantile Law at the University of South Africa, Pretoria. He lectures on income tax law and value added tax law. He has published widely, locally and internationally, on ecommerce, value added tax, and income tax. His research covers various jurisdictions and it has influenced South African Tax Law. A number of his recommendations were adopted by South African Parliament.

You are encouraged to participate in the Certificate Course.

Please note that the seats are limited and registration for the course will close as soon as we meet the required number of participants. Participants are required to complete the registration form and send a scanned copy of the same to soon after the online payment procedure is completed.

Should you have any queries, please feel free to write to me.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Joshua N Aston
Host Professor
IALS Visiting Professor Programme

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