Be Heard! 06th to 08th April, 2018

Secretary General's Message

Udita Bhatt

Udita Bhatt

Secretary General

Dear delegates,
It is my distinct honour to welcome you to the second edition of GNLUMUN.
I would first like to thank you for the interest you have shown in this unique conference. We all have a different journey as far as MUNs are concerned; regardless, I do assure you that GNLUMUN will be a milestone in that journey. My team and I have looked for ways to bring all your experiences under one umbrella, to give you a wholesome and consummate experience of an excellent conference and it is your participation, which will help us make this endeavour successful.

MUNs have always served as a platform for consensus-building and negotiation skills with respect to global challenges. We, at GNLU, have strived to take this endeavour a step further by redefining the very concept of MUN-ing – to elevate it to the level of an academic activity over and above a mere simulation; to allow the executive board to step in and guide their committees towards constructive debate rather than being mired in procedural technicalities; to let the international press become a powerful stakeholder and utilise their position to pose pertinent, deliberative questions; to coax delegates into stepping up to what is asked of them from the international community.

Such redefinition assumes even greater significance in a time of general political uncertainty and systemic conflicts. The world continues to grapple with extremist threats and persecution on gender, ethnic and nationalistic fronts. The efficacy of regional organisations has come under renewed scrutiny as countries begin to turn away from globalisation and seek to consolidate their interests within the narrower scope of their geographical locations.

It is keeping the aforementioned in mind that we have chosen to simulate the Arab League and the SAARC Summit, over and above three important councils of the United Nations (namely, Security Council, Economic and Social Council, and Human Rights Council) and the sixth committee of the General Assembly. We have strived to ensure that your committee experience is both knowledgeable and exhilarating at the same time.

With pertinent agendas, an Executive Board comprising of some of the most renowned names from the circuit, and excellent hospitality, which has always been a hallmark of every event at GNLU, we have gone the extra mile to ensure that this conference is the best you have ever been part of. With UNICEF being our partner for a panel discussion and a subsequent open forum, to serve as a prelude to this conference, we aim to go beyond this three day conference in order to include more on-ground voices of field experts, academicians, victims, law enforcers,

GNLUMUN is more than a conference, it is a place where you can step into the shoes of world movers and shakers and feel the difference a single human can make. It is a gateway to believe in something bigger than you or me or anyone you know. It is a portal to a whole new world. I look forward to hosting all of you at GNLU and hope that this conference is enriching experience for everybody.

Happy MUN-ing!

Udita Bhatt,
Secretary General, GNLUMUN’17


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