GNLU Centre for Corporate
and Competition Law (GCCCL)

GNLU Centre for Corporate & Competition Law (GCCCL)

In the recent years, the 'Corporate Entity' has become the most vibrant and dominating sector in the commercial world, gaining significance for its dynamic nature and multidimensional approach. The boundaries of the Legislative Framework are expanding day by day. In these circumstances, there is need of a strategic legal system in India with proper law and practice.
The present legal system is coerced with unfair trade practices, anti competitive issue, worse corporate governance, fighting with corporate frauds, growing concerns of the shareholders, regulation of securities market, role and responsibility of the directors, corporate liability, the controversial jurisdiction issues, multiple jurisdiction Vs. no jurisdiction are the concerns of common man, practitioners, academicians, researchers and other stakeholders associated with corporate sector.
To embark upon all these issues in the area of Corporate and Competition Law, there is imperative need of thorough research, intellectual deliberations, practical output, legal solution and creative awareness.
GNLU Centre for Corporate and Competition Law was established on 13th October, 2012 by Hon’ble Mr. Justice K. A. Puj, Rtd. Judge, High Court of Gujarat, with multiple objectives and will act as a platform to expand the scope and horizon of the corporate and competition law through multidimensional approach and activities.



  • To carry out research in corporate and competition law.
  • To organize/conduct academic oriented programs related to the corporate & competition laws.
  • To provide legal infrastructure to the corporate sector.
  • To design the research proposals and carry out research in strategic areas of public policy on corporate governance.
  • To analyze critically, the trends and developments in the institutional, legal and regulatory framework for corporate governance in India and abroad.
  • To identify training and development needs of the officials of the legal, regulatory agencies associated with implementation of Corporate and Competition Laws including its rules, regulations and guidelines.
  • To further the "Knowledge Creation" in the area of corporate law & sustainability, by networking, partnering and co-operating with reputed regional, national & international associations or institutions or centres that are active in doing similar work.


  • To analyze the issues of corporate ethics and corporate social responsibility.
  • To foster interaction between company boards & regulatory authorities and foster the spirit of working as partners for the common good.
  • To establish a renewed connection between the fields of corporate law and competition law by paying focused attention to corporate finance literature and behavioural economics.
  • To deal with the issues such as how corporate governance structures of an organization must incorporate the policy of competition and to identify the possible concerns which have come up in many jurisdictions in relations to compliance programmes.
  • To share the developments and best practices on cutting edge issues relating to corporate sector.
  • To look into the corporate laws of other countries and then make an analysis by comparing those with the Indians laws.
  • To discuss & understand the Foreign Direct Investment Policy and the Anti-Money laundering, and to find the remedies, deficiencies and analyse the implementation.
  • To look into various issues relating to frauds which are happening in the corporate sector and try to provide some practicable solutions in order to prevent such frauds.
  • To deal with various issues relating to the impact of competition policy in India such as Competition Commission of India’s New M&A guidelines, Anti-competitive agreements, cartel issues, Intellectual Property Rights under competition law.
  • To suggest the latest and structured amendments to the corporate laws, this may facilitate a greater level of fair competition in the country.
  • To impart awareness about the competition policy, the nature and extent of prevalence of different types of anti-competitive practices in India.
  • To focus on several amendments, which are being made under the various laws relating to corporate sector.
  • To understand oppression and mismanagement within the companies, which is not very clear in India and the right of the minority shareholders are also not very clear. The objective of the centre is to conduct research on various rights of the minority shareholders.
  • To undertake the responsibility of providing the first hand research inputs on all areas of corporate laws which are just at its inception stage.
  • To analyze recent developments and issues in corporate sector and provide solution to the various stake holders.
  • To conduct various certificate courses on corporate drafting.
  • To organize quiz competition on corporate and competition law.
  • To organize essay writing competition on the relevant areas.
  • To organize debates on the emerging issues on corporate and competition law.
  • To undertake research on all other areas of ambiguity in the corporate laws.



To create awareness, to exchange intellectual ideas and to trace the latest developments in relation to the corporate and competition laws, GNLU Centre for Corporate and Competition Law will provide various forums for discussion and intellectual interactions. Activities such as organizing seminars, conferences and workshops on contemporary pressing issues of law from the field will be undertaken.

  • The Centre aims at carrying out research projects in order to understand corporate governance in collaboration with various national and international bodies.
  • The Centre looks forward to develop the interpretation skill through judgment analysis, on various aspects of corporate law and competition law which will help in understanding the laws in a deeper manner.
  • The centre also plans to deal with the ethics in relation to the global corporations and instances of corporate financial frauds and other questionable business practices.
  • To discuss the various current issues relating to the corporate law and competition law through conducting conferences, seminars, round tables etc., at national as well as an international level.
  • To critically examine the various trends and developments in the framework for the corporate governance in India i.e. the institutional, legal and the regulatory framework.
  • The centre also seeks to emphasize on the significance of corporate world and the students interactions.
  • The centre also looks forward to the publication of Journal on Corporate Law and Competition Law.

For the fulfilment of the above strategic programmes, the Centre will look forward for the cooperation, assistance, and collaboration of the various stakeholders, institutions, government organizations, regulatory bodies, and the Ministry etc.